Illuminated Signs, Light Boxes

We produce high quality, full colour, custom light boxes.

All light box signs and illuminated signs are specified to achieve the maximum lighting and glow levels. Using special transparent acrylic or unbreakable polycarbonate panels for the signwriting, we also apply special translucent vinyl letters onto the face of the panel for extra bright lettering at night.

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We accept VISA, Mastercard, EFT, EFTPOS, Cheque & Money Order.

Shipping: You can rely on our existing trustworthy and value for money carriers. We ship to all locations Australia wide.

Acrylic Fabricated Light boxes

We manufacture these in all shapes, materials, sizes and finishes. These types of signs can be made either single or double sided. This makes an economical and very attractive sign with translucent vinyls or digital printing.

Under-awning Light-box Signs

We manufacture these in all shapes, materials, sizes and finishes.
Pictured in the gallery is a double-sided slimline, aluminium faced, internally illuminated lightbox sign. The aluminium is profile cut with opal acrylic inserts and sides that illuminate. This makes for a very classy looking sign, especially at night when the lettering is glowing. We also manufacture all types of conventional light box signs.

Large Lightbox and Flexface Signs

Only a limited numbers of signwriters can manufacture these signs.

specialize in illuminated signage, ensuring bright, even illumination, sound construction and wiring methods. Graphics for the panels are either translucent vinyls or solvent printed graphics with two or three layers of ink (depending on the image) to ensure deep vibrant colours and prevent 'wash out' when illuminated.